Theatre, Theatre, Theatre!

In one of my last weeks, I thought it was only fitting to truly have a great time… Agreed? And for me (as evident from my NYC blog), what would that be?? Theatre, obviously! So, let’s recap.

Wednesday evening, while not technically theatre per se, I saw the Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker— and wow! What a production! From the costumes, routines, sets and music: it was magical!


Covent Garden entrance


Large, pretty building.


WOW– the Royal Opera House…

Unrelated, as I left my workplace on Friday, I stumbled upon this:


A legit military tank. And the men atop it were not dressing in fatigues, but tuxes… Okay??? Weird to say the least. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled post.

On Saturday, I knew theatre was a must. So, I went to get day-of seats (Broadway equivalent of rush tickets) to see Miss Saigon. (See below.)




Seated right in the front row and had a perfect view of everything: except for the character Ellen’s introductory solo. (I literally had to move my head up, down and side to side and I could barely tell who was singing.)


The Stagedoor aka the former house of Amadeus MOZART, What??? #historyfacts


Discovered recently out of  HIGH SCHOOL and making her PROFESSIONAL debut, Eva Noblezada was incredible as Kim!

Eva Noblezada (Kim) and Jon Jon Briones (The Engineer) will no doubt continue to do amazing things once the show moves to Broadway next spring! (If you get a chance, you must see it! Wow!)

I went home and straight to bed, because I had an early alarm set… Why? Hello, Day-of seats! This morning, I made my way to Cambridge Theatre an hour before the box office opened to queue up for day-of seats to see Matilda. (I know, I didn’t want to see any shows currently open in America while here, but Matilda doesn’t count as it was originated in London!!) I got my five-pound tickets and headed off to finish write my treacherous final essay due next week and this blog at a local cafe nearby.

Then, I spotted a Pierre Herme right across from the theatre! (For those who don’t know: Pierre Herme was the first major patissier to make macarons, before Laduree even existed. Thanks, French project from last fall!) I got a chocolate and a rose one. They were both super yummy in different ways. Preference? The rose one I guess!



A typical blogger’s food photo.

IMG_5930Macarons carefully tucked in my purse for an after-theatre treat, I headed inside the theatre ready for the show to begin!

The show was incredible (the choreography! the music! the witty humor!)! Yes, there were many children in attendance who enjoyed the physical comedy and the songs, but this is much more than a children’s play. Far from it. The TONY and OLIVIER award-winning musical is a heartwarming musical that is fit for all ages. (I mean, some of the scripted moments went of the young ones’ heads. Another great West End production, which makes a total of 6 out of 6 smash productions checked off my ever-growing Theatre List.

Until next time, Miranda


Tasty treats and Tongue-tied Thoughts

What?!?! Two posts in one week? Well, more things happened, so I wanted to tell you all about my long, and I mean longggg, Tuesday.

It started with a journey into London’s Zone 2 for an afternoon tea cooking class with my friend from high school– aka the host giving us background on the Victorian era, history and etiquette of teatime and feeding us tea sandwiches, pastries, cake, scones and tea that we just watched her make.


The entire table… (And everything was yummy!)


Afternoon tea isn’t truly afternoon tea without tea, right?


Scones! Scones! And more scones!

That lasted from 10am until 2pm. I caught the Tube home, ran inside, dropped off my doggy bag of leftover cake, scones and pastries and left again to attend something I saw advertised in today’s Metro newspaper…The Danish Girl movie premiere at Leicester Square. For those who don’t know, Leicester Square’s Odeon Cinema has long been home to some of the biggest film premieres in the country and the city of London.

I walk up the the sidewalk, all barricaded up for the fans and covered in movie posters, and take my place ready to see the stars… two and a half hours early.


At 5pm, they started setting up the carpet, to cover the wide span of ground, which included several carpets. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look:



All that press for me?!?

We wait. And wait. And then, one of the first arrivals? Academy Award Winner Eddie Redmayne, in a gorgeous tailored-to-perfection tartan suit, with his better half not far away from his side.




First, he signed a few papers in different sections and one group selfie about three people down from me. Then, he was ushered to the press pen for some photos. (Side note: wow, the what-seems-like millions of camera flashes are very blinding. Gave me a bit of a headache just looking straight ahead.)


But, always by side in  the photos? Wife Hannah… *Insert collective awww here*


Mr & Mrs Redmayne sneak in a word amidst the craziness of the film premiere’s red carpet.

More arrivals followed:


“Call the Midwife” star and Elsa in “The Danish Girl,” Emerald Fennell poses for the camera. Love her dress and all the little beaded elements!


Actor Matthias Schoenaerts from the film smiles for the press.

After press photos, Eddie worked his way backwards and came towards my section once again. (Cue my inner fangirl here.)


He shakes the girl’s hand beside me.

He walks right to me, grabs his Sharpie, looks in my eyes as he signs my notebook. I go to speak and get a bit tongue-tied: a series of incoherent noises squeak out, then I quickly blurt out “Great job” as he’s ushered away to continue the press line.


Then, I get an autograph!

More arrivals:


Star Alicia Vikanders arrives and poses for the cameras at The Danish Girl UK premiere.

The stars pose together for the ultimate PR-requested shot:


Everyone moves further down the line, eventually leading to the cinema, as the stars’ interviews are projected on the big screen for us fans to see and hear.


Aww, adorable Eddie Redmayne answering questions…

That’s it! The red carpet was over, and so, with now freezing toes, I made my way back to the crowded Tube and headed home.


A selfie of me in front of the red carpet is required, right?


One last look upon leaving…

Wow, that was such an incredible evening! And I can’t believe that I met a superbly talented OSCAR-WINNING actor, who I’ve been obsessed with since seeing him as Marius in Les Mis.

Until next time, Miranda

Once we get going, we’re never going to stop… exploring London.

Hi everyone,

I had an eventful Saturday after a regular work week. (The title will make sense in a few seconds as you read on.)

First, I met a high school friend for lunch/brunch at Fleet River Bakery and had a really  yummy French toast and scone. Then, we walked around Oxford Street. (See image below)


Pretty, sparkly lanterns hang above Oxford Street.

Then, we stumbled upon two women dressed in pink Santa outfits handing out something in pink stockings. Turned out, it was a free make-up bag! Cool, the blogger says.

That evening (as my headline suggests), I went to see the Tony-winning Broadway show “In the Heights– and it was amazing!

Upon walking into the theatre, the bar/bathroom area has been transformed to part of the set of Usnavi’s neighborhood in Washington Heights.


“Lights up in Washington Heights…”

Upon walking through the door to “Platform 2,” an ode to the Manhattan subway, we are ushered from the fake subway tracks to step on stage and then abruptly turn left to follow the crowd to our seats, on either side of the stage. Also, I noticed that Joe Aaron Reid was playing Benny (originated by the current George Washington on Broadway, which I saw this summer.) AND he was in If/Then! With Idina Menzel! (A show I saw AND LOVED this last spring!) Also, the actor playing Usnavi looked so much like Heights-era Lin-Manuel Miranda. The entire cast was phenomenal, and the choreography and the songs were amazing. Wow. Also, I would just like to point out that Lin’s work is so good that I’ve cried while seeing both Heights AND Hamilton. So, there’s that.


A great show, but then again, I’m just a Broadway Baby…

Until next time, Miranda

Sometimes you just need to leave the city…

As my title indicates, city life is great, however, sometimes you just need a break. Take a breath and see somewhere else, that’s not crazy packed like a major metropolitan city (i.e. London or New York City).

Yesterday, Saturday, I went on a day trip with my study abroad program to Winchester, a small town about an hour and a half away from London, and it was adorable. (If you’re abroad, and haven’t ventured into the heart of the country– aka not London exclusively– then you are missing out.)

I thought I’d run through my tour with some pictures?






Jane Austen’s house


A walk through High Street…


Entrance to the Cathedral…



Standing right next to Jane Austen…



The part of the Winchester Cathedral where the actual building is uneven.


I remember in fourth grade we did a play about Lewis & Clark and I had a line about King Arthur and the Knights of Round Table: who’d have guessed that one day I’d get to see it in person…

Back to my regularly scheduled week.

Until next time, Miranda

Miranda does fashion!

So, for all my fashionistas out there reading this, as you probably all know: tonight, Monday was the British Fashion Awards. It’s such a huge deal for the fashion scene in London, and I’m so glad I was able to attend! Let’s debrief the coveted night, shall we?

By the time I arrived to the London Coliseum, the street was blocked off in anticipation and a queue formed down the block for non-famous attendees. As I positioned myself in line, I looked around at the fashions around me: stunning, both men and women alike. It really is true what they say about London being one of the most fashionable cities– this event brought out the most stylish of ensembles from everyone in attendance.



I’m on the red carpet!



Feeling official.

I wait in line (there was a slight delay in programming). And finally the red carpet beneath my feet leads me to the official sign where all the paparazzi photos are taken from (see above.) Pinch me, I must be dreaming. I follow the crowd, walk inside and up the steps to the balcony. Upon entering the room, I’m struck by how gorgeous the building is, and then right in the center of the floor were hundreds of guests eating dinner and mingling (see below.) I couldn’t stop staring at the sheer amount of gorgeous gowns and tailored tuxes.

I find my seat: Row D of the balcony, not too shabby. I take a seat and am so excited for the show to start.


A view from wayyy up in the balcony…

British comedian Jack Whitehall starts the show by discussing the immense talent of British designers, the true legends in the room (cough cough Lagerfeld) and poking fun at some famous attendees (Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell included.)

With every moment that went on, I couldn’t believe that I was really here with these hugely influential names in front of me, all together celebrating the bright talents of British fashion.


Surprise! Lady Gaga sashays down the catwalk to accept the award on behalf of Tom Ford.




PINCH ME I MUST BE DREAMING… That was really legend Karl Lagerfeld in the same room as me.


Karlie Kloss makes an appearance! Woo, that makes two of us from my hometown in attendance!


That’s a wrap!


One last view….

I grab my goodie bag and follow the crowds out of the building to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” I walk outside where suddenly I’m being pelted by raindrops. I scurry down the street and find that a pub has an overhang I can stand under until my Uber driver arrives. Many people have the same idea, including one winner from the night. Guess who? CHRISTOPHER BAILEY, aka the genius behind Burberry’s biggest moments, AND he was standing right beside me for a moment in time. I still can’t believe THAT happened.

IMG_5678Ah, that was such an incredible night to celebrate the best of fashion here in London. I had an incredible time and truly enjoyed every moment of it. Definitely one of my favorite nights in London all semester and a memory I’ll always treasure…

Until next time, Miranda


The Art History student in me is loving London!

Hi everyone! After a long week of classes and work, I had a fun weekend that was perfect for me, as my title would suggest, despite the cold weather. (It’s mid-November, winter is upon us! In fact, we were supposed to get snow yesterday… And yes, the air did smell like it would snow when I left my flat.)

I finally made it to the British Museum.  It’s incredible. The amount of original pieces they have, and in such pristine condition is truly unbelievable and incredible for the art history student in me. I thought I’d share some photos of what I saw.


IMG_5623 IMG_5626






From the Parthenon pediment!



Wow, it’s unbelievable how well-preserved everything is from paint to inscriptions. Everything remains the same. Wow.

Today’s been a work day, and I’m very excited about tomorrow! More on that to come.

Until next time,


Back to the Basics…

IMG_5516From where we left off, Sunday was spent writing essays, blogs and resumes. Oh my! Then, I took a nice little perfect fall walk around Hyde Park, which is easily becoming my new favorite pastime when I have free time. Monday was a boring class today, yawn. But, Tuesday, my free day, I decided head to Spitalfields Market! (Like Mother, Like Daughter?)

It was huge, and everything was so cute! I had a really yummy goat cheese and apple crepe for lunch then continued walking around. Hey, it also was the three year anniversary of Mom spotting Harry Styles there back when I was in high school and chasing him from stall to stall…)

That evening, I was able to get an FIE group ticket to see the views of the London Eye. (Kind of a London requirement, right?) Well, the views were pretty. So, enjoy my photos below.







IMG_5589On Sunday, I went to see a matinee of the hit West End production of “Close to You.” It was so good; the casts’ voices were incredible! Wow.

Well, I’m off to do some work. I’ll post more later.

Until next time, Miranda